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Organic Certification

So you want to go organic, I'm glad to hear it.

Pesticides have had a deleterious effect on health (people and animals). Making sure they don't enter your supply-chain can help the environment and the long-term health of your customers. To advertise this halo effect brands typically buy into third party organic certifiers, who after their application is filed can place a recognizable organic label on their product.

Keep in mind- Organic is a term regulated by the State (in the U.S.) and your processing facility must be certified organic by the state to qualify for third-party certification. Make sure that your product is registered and the proper label is applied correlating with that certifier.

There are three defined terms for Organic:

100% Organic

Organic (95%+)

Made with Organic Ingredients

I've had good relations with Organic Certifiers here in Los Angeles County (third-party certifier). Make sure your label designer uses the right certification label.

If you need any help planning an organic production reach out to us at ScaleLite Beverages.

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