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Oat Milk Growth

Working with market growth is easier than trying to innovate in a shrinking sector. Nielsen data out in the last month have shown "Oat Milk" is up by an amazing 225% ("oat milk and hand sanitizer" CNBC). While the market at large will shrink for at least a year if not more it may be that Consumer Packaged Goods gets a boost as people stay home.

Oat Milk was a long time coming. I worked near the Aveena team during my time at PepsiCo. It is a hard ingredient to use for CPG. High levels of beta-glucans cause heated product to become viscous as the starch activates. It caused burn-on when in the thermal processors which could be trouble with an allergen. The supply-chain must be carefully monitored, on another project there was an incidence with the supplier at one point selling us older material causing an off-taste in the finished good.

Over the last several years a group of new entrants and processing improvements have allowed that market to flourish. If you'd to understand more about that history or would like to create your own vegan "milk" reach out to connect with ScaleLite Beverages now.

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