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Formula Development

Once you've had a new beverage idea or a unique group of hero ingredients you'd like to bring to market reach out to a beverage professional.

ScaleLite Beverages will consult on a limited introductory basis for free.

Contracting experts, like ScaleLite beverage professionals, will allow you to access commercial ingredients and early insight into possible processing and shelf-life. Approximate cost of goods estimates can be available early due to prior project histories with suppliers.

Create bench-top samples in weight by weight formulas that is then validated or modified to you and you're advisors taste (2-rounds for flavor optimization are typical). Or commission a qualitative early market study using our experts to get a handle on your value proposition.

Develop the functional basis of your concept using food scientists to make sure your beverage preforms as you expect to. Match your target taste profiles using our large network of flavor companies.

Once the formula is taste approved it is fully costed per unit and formatted for easy volume modification. A larger bench-top round can be negotiated for further advisor validation. These requests can sometimes be constrained by supplier requirements and minimums.

Commercial formulas, if done right, are easily scaleable and replicable at any domestic manufacturer. ScaleLite Beverages will modify documentation to fit additional manufacturing requirements on a complimentary basis for any completed project.

By request SSOP and method documents can be created for commercial kitchen operations, written by a Preventative Control Qualified Individual.

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