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The ScaleLite Advantage

Beverages in a store

Founded with the aim to create a better union of food science and manufacturing for more efficient product development. Many good concepts fail due to a lack of integrated manufacture ready processes. Having knowledge of both formulation and manufacturing greatly increases speed to market and improves speed of innovation. Quality management experience ensures that products conform to regulation and specifications.

Why Choose ScaleLite?

Quality Manufacturing Experience

Quality Management

ScaleLite Beverages was founded by a Food Scientist and Preventative Control Qualified Individual (PCQI). All products are produced using current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and evaluated for variability. Innovative processes are clearly defined in SOPs and batch records. All technical documents including HAACP, supplier documents, batch and process records are collected and maintained for a minimum of two years. GFSI/SQF level readiness evaluations are available for potential co-packers.

Vetted Supply Chain and Co-Packers

Supply-Chain and Distribution Planning

Supply-chain planning is a key point of both price and differentiation. Understand your supply-chain and manufacturing, farm to beverage. Broaden your networks using ScaleLite Beverages, we’ve worked with most of the major food suppliers in the United States. Retrieve supplier documents and specifications to manufacture accurately. Determine small-scale manufacturing options and source co-packer capacities.

High Level Emulsion Expertise

Protein and Emulsion Expertise

ScaleLite Beverages utilizes high-level emulsion knowledge to create stable oil in water beverages that conform to the client’s goals. Suspend particles using molecular scaffolding or combat Ostwald ripening by reducing oil colloid size. Understand protein emulsions and how they can replace traditional hydrocolloids like carrageenan for certain beverages. Create smooth vegan milks, increase shelf-life capability, or make sure your CBD particles are distributed evenly.

Follow Up and Technical Support

Technical Support

ScaleLite Beverages is committed to quality products be they documentation, manufactured goods, or laboratory prototypes. ScaleLite Beverages keeps documents for a minimum of two years and will make a representative available for any reasonable requests for follow-up on behalf of a client.

Chemical Analysis and Identification

Chemical Analysis and Identification

ScaleLite Beverages can help develop chemical identification methods for research or quality purposes. Analytics such as pH and Brix are necessary for manufacturing specifications. HPLC and GC techniques can be necessary for supplements and caffeinated beverages. Manufacturing specifications and variability are developed for all commercial formulas. Supplement testing is often calculated separately from manufacturing costs.

Commitment to Ethical Collaboration

Ethical Collaboration

ScaleLite Beverages is committed to ethical collaboration. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are made freely available and all projects are evaluated for sustainability. Potential conflicts with contractor individual(s) are discussed beforehand, if applicable. Data security is evaluated on an annual basis.

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