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Sustainability by Consumer Packaged Goods

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Serious consequences have already occurred due to human waste. Every person and business would benefit from additional investment in reducing their imprint. Unfortunately, without a strong public advocate, companies often get caught in a prisoners dilemma when considering higher cost certified goods.

Converting sustainability efforts into a call to action is often the solution to the cost concerns. Some NGOs (ex. organic certifiers) try to fill the gap by creating a prebuilt awareness imprint that can be bought pending an audit.

Plastic waste is of particular difficulty in the Consumer Packaged Goods world. Many of the large food and beverage CPG companies have plastic goals in place. I've worked for or with many of the worst offenders. The amount of plastic that goes into the CPG world is horrifying. Yet plastic is extremely hard to replace and to safely make food and beverage requires a great deal of disposable materials.

Despite the grim waste imprint of non-perishable foods, I've been proud to work with many leaders like Darin Ezra (CEO of Power Brands/ and Henry Schwartz (CEO of Steuben Foods/ who lead in the industry and actively promote/discount brands that convert from non-sustainable packaging.

ScaleLite Beverages is committed to doing its part in this fight for a better future. Every project is evaluated for sustainability and opportunities to create a more sustainable product are strongly encouraged. If you'd like to evaluate your product / supply-chain for sustainability ScaleLite Beverages would like to work with you.

Ian Hamilton

Owner/Operator of ScaleLite Beverages

(747) 252-2003

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