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Self-Education Opportunities

While in quarantine, or during any idle-time, it is always rewarding to find low-hanging growth opportunities. If you have the time and fortitude invest in a certification like the IFT's CFS (Certified Foods Scientist) or APCIS's CPIM (Certified Production and Inventory Manager). If you don't want to dedicate several weeks to study try the following short courses-

The FDA offers webinars on Food Safety and directives for manufacturers:

IFT (Institute of Food Technologist) is a large community of trade specialists. Their annual event has always been a rewarding educational and networking experience for me. To support the community they are offering free webinars:

Agilent is an equipment supplier. To support commercial lab equipment operators they offer free webinars on a regular basis:

As is Alfa Lavel. They have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to explaining processing equipment:

I also enjoy the lower budget efforts of independent YouTubers like Applied Science and Bon Appetit. It's amazing what can be available from independent content creators.

Comment with additional educational resources if you care to link them!

If you need technical guidance, reach out now to ScaleLite Beverage Consultants.

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