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5 tips for success in CPG beverages

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

By Ian Hamilton

“After being a long-time beverage professional, who has worked on over 100 unique products, here are my 5 tips for success in the beverage space.”

1. Know your point of differentiation.

The most successful products have a strong vision for why they are necessary market additions. Be it better commitments to sustainability or a new nutrition delivery method, a strong vision will inform many of the choices you make in developing your manufacturing pathway. ScaleLite Beverages can help you determine your options and help inform critical early decisions on your Scale-Up process.

2. Map out your process.

Once you have your concept and brand vision map out everything you know about your process. Tracking your process with flow-diagrams will help you optimize manufacturing and supply-chain. Having a safety plan with a flow-diagram (aka HAACP) is a requirement for good manufacturing practices per FDA regulations. ScaleLite Beverages utilizes Preventative Control Qualified Individuals with experience planning safe productions.

3. Plan your scale-up needs.

Determine what finished good counts you think you'll need. There is no wrong answer to this question. Small-scale manufacturing can often be as tricky as large-scale manufacturing. It is often at this point shelf-life studies are planned. ScaleLite Beverages is founded on determining best scale-up practices, reach out today to discuss your scale-up options.

4. Track your quality specifications.

As soon as you can start collecting data on your product. The ingredient mix and process will determine safety parameters you should track. Process and packaging must create a technical determination of shelf-life you should verify. Too often I see products suffer set-backs or long delays because their quality parameters were not well understood. ScaleLite Beverages can evaluate your safety parameters or help you determine a quality management plan.

5. Leverage professional networks.

Manufacturers want to make more of your product. Distributors and retailers want new quality products to keep customers engaged. ScaleLite Beverages can increase your network size to find those valuable partners and help manage technical data so that quality flows seamlessly. The first consultation is free.

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