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SCaleLite Beverages

Ian Hamilton


I'm passionate about bringing new beverages to market and I've been part of every aspect of bringing beverage products and brands to market. I've been an executive of an aseptic manufacturer, start-up brand, and a beverage incubator. As well as working as a scientist in several research groups. 


I founded ScaleLite Beverages to simplify production and provide technical support to new productions. Manufacturing can be a daunting process and keeping true to your product vision can be challenging. New trials often reveal new problems that need quick innovation to maintain manufacturing targets. Having technical support that can maintain quality while providing experienced analysis  can be the difference of success or failure.

Utilizing a large network of professionals I've developed over my career ScaleLite Beverages can innovate or create an economical manufacturing path for any new beverage product! Keep up to date with our Beverage Guide. Feel free to send feedback via email or comment sections. If you’d like to benefit from ScaleLite Beverages, reach out now.

  • Preventative Control Qualified Individual / Food Safety Preventative Alliance

  • Bachelors in Science / Penn State University

  • Certified Food Scientist / Institute of Food Technologists

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